Tips for successful photos on millionaire dating sites

Like all online daters, I look at photos on profiles which interest me and I have found that even though someone can have several photos, having the wrong kind of photos can be just as bad as not having any photos at all.
So here are the 3 types of photos I think every profile should have (along with some things to avoid):

1. An up close headshot of a smiling you. People want to see your eyes, your smile and even a few of your "flaws" as those add character and anyone who can't accept any flaws you may have, probably isn't worth getting to know.

2. A full body shot so people can see how you carry yourself.

3. Your environmental photo and this is the photo that shows you in the place you love or doing that thing you love to do the most. Some examples might be you on the beach or riding your horse or hanging out in your favorite place.

Now that you know which 3 types of photos you need on your profile, here are some things that you need to avoid in those photos:

1. Photos taken with your camera phone... arm outstretched or reflecting in the mirror of your bathroom. Everyone has a friend, get someone to take some decent photos and post something worth having.

2. Topless/shirtless photos. Guys come across as superficial and ladies, if you use boobs as bait, all you are gonna catch is a boob! The exception to this is if your photo in environmental and shows you playing volley ball on the beach or something else that's natural.

3. Professional / Corporate / Glamour shots may look great but they're not really you. People want to see the "real" you!

4. Old photos. There is nothing worse than finding someone attractive based on their photo and show up for a date only to learn they look nothing like their photo and the photo is 5-10-20 years old.

5. Superficial photos. These are photos that show you with your all your toys. Photos can reflect your values and if the most important thing to you are your possessions, you will end up attracting people who are only interested in your possessions.

The most important thing to remember is that you're setting an expectation and when you show up for that first date, you want your potential partner to not be disappointed. Disappointment feels like a lie and lies destroy trust and with no trust there can be no relationship... not even a friendship.