Millionaire Match App Reviews

Let's step into the life of a millionaire. Your bills are always paid, you drive an expensive car, your bachelor pad is the envy of your friends and family. What's missing? If you are a millionaire looking for someone to love you the way you love your work, look no further than, the number one dating site for people who make over $200k a year. is also available in a handheld mobile app, meaning that the dating pool can follow wherever a user wants to go! Seeing as anywhere in the world is ripe with economic opportunity, it only makes sense that MillionaireMatch would be available all over the world, too.

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Signing on to
Creating a profile is simple and fast. Within five minutes of finding the link, a new user's profile can be live and garnering attention. wants to know some information about their users, like income level and height. They also request a picture and then a couple small blurbs to put on a new user's profile. These can be edited later to the user's content.

Just going on looks, is sleek and sophisticated, just what a dating site for millionaires should be. It's dark gray on the borders and bright yellow in type. Navigating the homepage to look at the news feed is simple as well, a quick scroll will show the user what others on the site are doing.

Finding a Millionaire Match
So now that a new user is on the site, what happens next? The user can either scroll through their feed or they can start the hunt for the perfect match. Parameters for matches include location, age, and gender. Same-sex matches are possible on, without changing a user's basic profile. This puts in the forefront of dating sites. Since a user needs only change the search instead of their most basic profile.

Users can also choose to perform an advanced search of the user base instead of a basic quicksearch. Most of the options that can really make an advanced search stand out are Premium, but the advanced search function can also bring up a list of eligible users.

As far as looking at someone's profile goes, it's pretty easy to figure out if another user is the right one. Clicking on their profile will show who that user is and what that user is looking for. So if a user doesn't match someone else's profile, it's easy to just bow out.

Getting to know the Users
Since the entire point of the site is to find a love connection, makes it easy to get in touch with other users. A user can send another user a wink or an email. Winks are like Facebook pokes, quick and flirty. A message is just that, a private message to another member of the community.

Users can also join blog and forum discussions. Blogs are usually just statuses that other users upload and then people can comment on, but a forum actually discusses topics like dating, health, and being a millionaire. Staying in contact with other millionaires is simple and can be done in a few keystrokes.
Dating is difficult even if someone's annual income is over $200k a year. Although most of the general public uses sites like tinder and bumble, it's understandable that millionaires would use a luxury dating site to find other people. makes it easy to find someone who will love money as much as looks.

So if you’re a millionaire and you’re tired of being single, download the app. You may find that there’s someone out there for you!