Tips For Your First Date With A Rich Man

Any first date can be nerve racking. Whether you are embarking on a new relationship with a poor student or a wealthy entrepreneur, there are so many things to worry about. Will you have anything to say? Will you have anything in common? Will you wear the right clothes? Will the dinner be a disaster? And most of all – will you hit it off?

When you’ve finally met a rich, handsome, intelligent and funny man, and gotten a date with that sought-after millionaire, those worries can be amplified one-hundred fold. You know how it is when you really want something, or want something to happen? You get the jitters. We’re here to tell you that your first date with a rich man doesn’t have to be stressful. Here’s our guide to millionaire dating.

Pick a venue that you already know.
It’s very likely that he has his restaurants and bars that he already favors. Maybe he already has a standing reservation at that place, or even his own private table or booth on standby. In that case, you should just go with the flow and happily accept. But what if he asks you what you’d like to do or where you’d like to go? If he gives you the option, choose a place where you know he might like the food, or that you are comfortable. If you are familiar with the environment, that’s one less worry off your plate. It’s far less stressful when you aren’t scanning the menu trying to figure out what to order or wandering around lost, trying to find the ladies’ room – you can focus on your new man.

Don’t order food you have to eat with your hands – or that will get caught in your teeth. For the first few dates at least, don’t order messy foods that will get on your carefully chosen outfit, get stuck in your teeth or that will give you bad breath. Choose clean foods. You’ll thank us later when he goes in for that good night kiss.

Go with the flow. Millionaire men can be eccentric, and down-to-earth. Look at Mark Zuckerberg – the man is known for wearing the same style of jeans and grey t-shirts day after day. We love these salt-of-the-earth men. If he takes you to a ballgame, or to a karaoke bar, or for a day trip to the zoo, go with the flow. Be open to anything.

Talk about something other than work.
If he’s a millionaire, he’s probably got people picking his brain about work all the time. Be refreshing and talk about something other than what he does for a living. Ask him about his hobbies, what he does on weekends, his family and friends. If you met through a mutual friend, you can chat about how great they are, or if you have a shared interest, there’s your conversation starter.

Be yourself. 
Most of all, enjoy the date. Don’t forget that it’s not just you that’s being “interviewed” here – you also get to decide whether he is the right match for you. You’re beautiful, intelligent, successful, and he’s obviously interested enough to have asked you out. So be yourself, tell him about yourself and what makes you tick, and have fun. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.